Monday, June 23, 2014

hello friends

-via email 

what to bring: 
-yourself: we look forward to spending time with you 
-beach towels: for all the swimming you'll do
-bedding: sheets and pillowcases
-food: we'll share the cooking.  Tom's specialty is vietnamese crab noodle soup.  Anthony's is Kraft Dinner casserole.  We've got a bbq, full kitchen 

-fishing: you'll need your license 
-canoe: it's tippy.  know your tip-over drills 
-swimming: the end of the dock is 7ft; the Bay gets to 20ft 
-bike, run: waterfront trails 

if you like, you can bring: 
-drinks: I'm Manhattans and Coors Light 

-the Glenora Ferry, between Picton and Adolphustown.  15 mins away from us on the Adolphustown side
-cheap gas on the Reserve, at Tyendinaga; 1.5km south on Marysville Rd.  exit 566 on the 401
-Old Hay Bay Church, 20 mins jog
-the Waterfront Trail
-the Village of Bath, 20 mins drive
-Napanee, 20 mins drive

-water conservation: yellow let it mellow; brown goes down 
-soap, if you bring your own: the bio-degradable, phosphate-free sort 
 -ENJOY ;)

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